Bruce Wants to Go Faster:

"I loved this book.  Typical of the New Zealand spirit, overcoming one obstacle after another and with the bare minimum.  He may have started out a bit wonky, but he ended up conquering the world!  Bruce McLaren is an inspiration." - Craig Smith, bestselling Author of The Wonky Donkey.

Bruce Wants to Go Faster:

"Bruce's journey shows how you can achieve your dreams even when the path seems impossible, and that's exactly what I want my kids growing up knowing.  I love the idea of sharing a Kiwi story with them." - Toni Street, Broadcaster and Journalist, TV One, Seven Sharp.

Bruce Wants to Go Faster:

"The story resonated with me. Back when I was in the book’s target age group, a bright orange racing car with a stylised Kiwi on its flanks and the names McLaren and Hulme sign written in flamboyant script meant more to me than a black jersey and silver fern." - Colin Smith, Reporter for Driven, The NZ Herald

Jean Dreams of Flying:

"I read [my daughter] your book last night and I've never seen anything like the intensity of engagement before! She got so caught up in the story that she was reading it in her head as well as listening and trying to turn the pages before I'd finished reading them aloud to see what happened next.  She was really identifying with Jean and her experiences.  She was utterly engaged and inspired by your book." - RB - Librarian

Inspiration / Writing Skills Session:

"It was very clear that you had put a great amount of thought, creativity and effort into making the lessons both informative and highly engaging. The students instantly warmed to you and were fascinated by the introduction to Bruce McLaren and indeed yourself. You made both stories very relatable and inspirational.

Your one to one work with the students following on from the main presentation was really effective in making the students feel extremely enthused about writing their own autobiographies. Helping them to find key focuses and themes for their own autobiographies made the students also gave them a clear starting platform on which to build.

We would certainly love to continue working with you with future classes."

AB - Year 8 Class Teacher