All three books in the Inspirational Kiwis series are available from all good bookstores and online booksellers.  If you are a retailer, librarian or school and are interested in stocking the books please contact South Pacific Books.  The ISBN for Bruce is 9780473360627, Ed 9780473227838 and Jean 9780473227845.

Bruce Wants to Go Faster was released in November 2016 and has received rave reviews.  Visit the Reviews page to read some of them or Google the books title.

Bruce McLaren was just a normal Kiwi boy who dreamed about going faster.  He went on to become one of the world's best drivers and car designers and had almost unparalleled succes with his own team.  As a result, the name McLaren has not only left a permanent impression on New Zealand and world motorsport history, it is also one of the most successful, well recognised and longstanding motorsport teams in the world.  Bruce had many personality traits that helped him achieve his dream and by analysing them we can all follow our own dreams and be ordinary Kiwis who do extraordinary things. 

Ed was just a normal New Zealand boy who dreamed that one day he would climb the biggest hill of them all. To achieve his goal Ed met many people and learned many lessons. Follow the inspiring journey of Sir Edmund Hillary from a normal Kiwi boy all the way through to conquering the biggest mountain in the world with Tenzing Norgay.

Ed Climbs a Big Hill has been beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Smith and designed by Cheryl Rowe.

Jean was just a normal New Zealand girl who dreamed that she was a bird that could fly high, high up in the sky and far, far away. Most people thought Jean’s daydreams were silly. But one day she met someone who showed her the most fantastical machine, and Jean’s dreams took flight. Follow the inspiring journey of Jean Batten from a normal Kiwi girl all the way through to being the first woman to fly all the way from England to Australia and back again.

Jean Dreams of Flying has been vibrantly illustrated and designed by, the award winning, Terry Fitzgibbon.